What are Art Projects? 藝術項目是什麼? 

Art Projects are the creation of impactful, interactive artwork to be shared and displayed at the event. The goal is to change the paradigm of art from a commodified object to an interactive, participatory, shared experience of creative expression. Burning Man believes that community-driven, inclusive and interactive art is vital to a thriving culture, and so do we. We encourage participants to bring whatever kind of art they can to contribute to the event no matter how big or small. If you have a piece of art you plan on bringing let us know by filling out our Participation Form so that we can add you to our list below and help build the excitement for Lantern Burn!
藝術項目是要在活動中分享和展示有影響力的互動藝術作品的創作。目標是將藝術品的樣式從商品化轉變成互動的、參與式的、有共享體驗的創作表達。 火人祭認為,社區驅動、具包容性和互動性的藝術對繁榮文化是不可缺少的,我們也是這樣認為。因此,我們鼓勵參與者都能夠帶來他們認為能為活動作出貢獻的任何藝術,無論大型小型的都可以。如果你有一件藝術品想帶來分享,可以通過填寫「參與表格」讓我們知道,以便我們將你添加到下面的名單中,為燃燈焱帶來多點興奮元素!