Do I need to bring a tent and sleeping bag? 我需要帶帳篷及睡袋嗎?

You will need both a tent and a sleeping bag, plus anything else to make your sleep more comfortable. It may be warm in Yilan in October, but it still gets cold at night and it might still rain so come prepared! Check out our list of what to bring for more information.

Will there be tent rentals? 那邊有出租帳篷嗎?

There are no tent rentals provided through Lantern Burn. However, it’s perfectly fine to rent a tent from somewhere else and bring that to the Burn, such as at Xtreme Taiwan or Taipei Tents.
活動現場沒有提供帳棚出租。如果你不知道哪裡可以租借帳篷,可以參考 Xtreme TaiwanTaipei Tents

Can I bring my pet? 可以帶寵物嗎?

Dogs are allowed, but you are responsible for your dogs actions so please keep an eye on them and clean up after them.

Can I bring my kids? 可以帶我的孩子來嗎?

Yes, children are allowed. Children age 14 and under are welcome to attend for free but must register before October 5th (please email and include: 1) full name; 2) ID number; and 3) birthdate (Y/M/D) for insurance purposes). Please refer to our Tickets page for details.
可以帶小朋友來參加。小朋友14歲以下免費入場(但需要10月05日之前報名,請直接聯絡 及為了保險使用提供:1)全名;2)身分證號碼;3)生日(年月日))。詳情請參考 參門票資訊

How do I get to the event? 怎麼到活動場地?

Please see the Transportation section in the Survival Guide for more information on how to get to the campsite.

Will there be bathrooms? 現場有浴室嗎?

There are bathrooms and showers with working water on site. You need to bring your own soap, shampoo and towels though if desired.

Where can I buy food/water/beer/? 哪裡可以買到食物、水或啤酒<其他>?

While food and water are sometimes gifted this should not be relied on. Food and water are both ultimately the individual’s own responsibility to procure for the duration of the event. This also includes utensils and other means to cook with if needed. Thankfully there is an abundant source of water at this event so bring a reusable water bottle!

What happens if I have a medical emergency? 如果我需要緊急治療怎麼辦?

We will have a small volunteer medical group on site with basic medical supplies (Band-Aids, Gauze, Ointments, etc.). For more serious or life threatening issues we can call an ambulance.