Introduction 介紹 

Radical self-reliance is a part of the 10 principles of Burning Man and we take the same mindset when preparing for any Burning Man event. The 10 principles of Burning Man can be seen on our About Page. Lantern Burn is a long three day weekend event celebrating art, community, music, fire, imagination, interaction and participation. Our event is 100% non profit. All of our organizers, artists, DJ’s and volunteers have purchased tickets and there are no sponsors or vendors. Lantern Burn is part of a global community of like-minded, open and loving people coming together to spread the ethos of Burning Man. This means each participant is responsible for their own person whether it is bringing everything by yourself or collaborating with a group of other participants. Some things may not be entirely clear to you now, but we hope that with the provided information on our website you, the participant, will be better prepared for a fun and exciting experience! 

Be Prepared 做好準備 

The most important thing is your frame of mind. This event celebrates community, you, art, fire, performance, and most of all: community. Got it? This event is made up of what participants bring to it, no more, no less. Arriving with a good mindset is as important as arriving with food, water, and shelter. The volunteers and organizers are great people- please be kind and loving to them. That said, to be prepared the best you can be, check out our Survival Guide and What to Bring!